Let Your Flowers Do Double Duty

Let your floral arrangements that decorate the ceremony do double duty by using them to also decorate the reception! Find out if your florist is able to transport and setup the flowers at your reception after the ceremony is finished. There is usually sufficient time between the two, and you can save an incredible amount of time and money by “recycling” your beautiful, fresh flowers!  Ask your florist to send your bride and attendant bouquets in a pretty vase and then use them as table centerpiecesfor the head table.

Ask Your Florist What Flowers Are In Season

Always choose a flower that has year round availability like roses, gerbera daisy, lilies, freesia. Specialty flowers like hydrangea, stephanotis, callas, can be pricey if out of season. Brides always think that they can’t have these specialty flowers on a budget, you can, just plan your wedding to be during the season of the flowers you love!  Tulips, peonies, dahlias, are great if you plan the wedding when they are in season, but if you try to order Dahlias in February, they are going to have to be flown in from some far away country, which translates into expensive.

Be Flexible

Create a “wish list” and a “must have” list, and be willing to work through your list and stick to your budget. Start with the things you feel you have to have, and then I always add my brides “wish” list items back in based on the budget and the things that are most important to them.  Remember you can’t have everything unless you are willing to pay for it!  And I have never met any one who doesn’t have to live within their budget. 

Avoid Planning Your Wedding During A Holiday

Please don’t get me wrong here, but I think planning a wedding during a holiday is a bad idea. Flowers are always in short supply during the holidays, and I hate to say it out loud, but the quality is usually less than perfect during the holidays.  The pressure to grow & ship the enormous volume of flowers to fill the holiday flower needs puts a huge stress on the entire floraculture industry.  It’s partly why the costs go so high.  If you are really a hopeless romantic and have to have your wedding during a holiday, shop around and try to find a holiday package that gives you the venue, flowers, food, etc all in one place. You’ll save money and be a lot less stressed. Maybe a destination wedding where everything is included would be a good option.  And if you are a real hopeless romantic check out www.kirklandweddings.com for their Tie the knot event on Valentines Day, it’s a great deal and you can save a lot of money.