We have really been seeing an increase in our customers wanting something living.  We have created these beautiful living garden scapes.  They are a collection of living greent plants, that we add blooming plants to for color and put them in clay containers or natural baskets. We use a special soil mix that has the right density for container gardens, and if taken care of they last forever.  I’ve had numerous customers bring them back to me a year later, when they out grow the container, and they have me replant and rescape them. 

These Living gardens have also been a terrific item for sympathy gift giving, becasue they are something to keep and nuture in remembrance of a loved one.  I have been on a mission to find new & exciting plants that will do well indoors and be easy care for my clients. I was recently given a new plant from Australia called a pincushion I’ll keeep you posted on how it performs, I’m always looking for any new varieties to offer.