Think about becoming certified.. we did and it made me realize just how many things go in into the process of being eco friendly in a  business environment!

 Here are some of the criteria the city uses, all good points to think about. Read about it here….


If you are trying to turn your company into a more green one, think about recyling more than just paper, and cardboard. Try glass, plastic, yard waste, food scraps, ferrous metals, & wood debri

Use Recyled products made from recycled materials

Think about your purchases of paper towels, envelopes, letterhead, file folders, garbage bags, toilet paper, and cardboard boxes

Involve your employees, customers & suppliers & the public

Have containers at work for recyling, promote recyling in your staff meetings, email reminders about recyling, post reminders about double sided copies, reuse paper for scratch paper & notes, tell your suppliers that you will buy recycled products

Waste Prevention

Purchase priducts in bulk, use packaging and containers that can be recycled and reused, repair equipment rather than replace, pay your bills online, bill your customers online, donate used items to charities, start a reusable exchange in your building or office park. Advertise on or

Native Plants

Use native plants, they use less water, if you’re in the Pacific Northwest, check out for all kinds of great ideas regarding native landscaping.