When I have a consultation with a bride, I ask them to come prepared to answer a few questions. I always give them homework to do before we meet.  

Think about your style, are you going for a classic wedding or a you a more bohemian type, do you want a beachy wedding or are you going for Hollywood glam? Work to define your own sense of style, then half the work is done.

I always ask for photos of your wedding dress, swatches of bridal party attire so we can match colors, the age of the flower girl so we can decide on what she will wear, and I always tell my brides to bring pictures from magazines, even of the things you dislike, because as a designer, I need to know what you like as well as what you don’t like.

Think about your color scheme, do you want to go monochromatic with shades of a color that all compliment each other, or do you want a contrasting color that blends with the dresses. There are no rules,  you can pick color hues that work with the theme you are going for.  Try to pick flowers that match your mood, don’t do daisies in a formal wedding, pick a formal flower for a formal occasion, etc…

Find a florist who understands your style and can design arrangements that match your vision, then have an open mind & trust him or her to know what will work best and allow them to put their creative vision to work.  That’s how you will get the nicest  flowers