I read this article with great interest http://www.eastafricaforum.net/2008/07/15/flower-producer-sher-to-go-into-food-production/ because I buy flowers from all over the world, I am interested in world production.  I have always been concerned with how the farms treat the land and the workers.  Without getting to political here, I am happy to see that this producer is going into food production.  The subject of buying African flowers has always been a mixed thing for me.  I have a hard time buying flowers from a country that can’t even provide food and water for their own people, it just didn’t seem right to use water to grow flowers when they don’t have water to drink or food to eat. I know it is a difficult subject, and one that has many pros & cons. There has been a lot of discussion in our industry regarding this, and I think I am in the minority with refusing to buy Africa flowers.

At first glance I thought it was a good thing, giving the people an industry and a way to take care of themselves, but like many good things gone bad, the reality of the actual production left me feeling bad, so I made a choice to forgo buying flowers until I could see the benefit to the people.  This article points to good positive steps in the right direction. So I am excited to see this taking place.