Every day I talk to customers on the phone, they call me from all over the world!  I get web orders through my website, from every where in the world.  One of the coolest things I remember was a guy named Andy calling me on a SAT phone from Nepal. During our conversation, I asked him how he found me, he said ” I just asked around, your famous in Nepal, people know of you here”.  Now how cool is that?  I’ve never been to Nepal, although I would love to go if I wasn’t so busy working.  We had a great few minutes of conversation, and he told me he was gone living, but when he got back he would come look me up and say hi.  Needless to say, I got hooked on his blog www.goneliving.com.

Last year an Army Medic called me on a SAT phone, from Bagdhad, it was strange to be talking to him, realizing he was so far away, I asked him how he was doing, he told me it was 110 degrees in the shade and that he was pretty hot.  He was wanting to send flowers to his girlfriend. 

This business is an interesting one, through flowers you end up becoming a part of peoples lives.  The tragic moments, the happy moments, the funny moments, it is really truly amazing what the internet has done for business & people in general. 

 I was feeling tired this week, it’s wedding season, and I’ve been working alot, so in the midst of feeling sorry for myself, I thought about all the lives that I heard about this week, a 27 year old falling from a building and dying, a man losing the love of his life to a brain tumor, a baby getting 3rd degree burns & lucky to be alive, a young man getting killed while trying to keep his dog from getting hit by a car, a husband dying on the trip of a lifetime while celebrating their anniversary, a couple losing their beloved dog, a father’s excitement at his daughters new job, and an exciting start to her new life, a relationship being rekindled after being seperated during World War ll,  a wonderful anniversary celebration, a wedding, the birth of a new baby, and the celebration of 93 years of living!  Nothing like taking a look around for me to realize that I have a lot to be grateful for, & so what if I am tired & worked to much this week, life still looks pretty good!