I was reading about this company in Fortune small business magazine called http://www.BlackLightpower.com who says they have the solution to the end of oil?  He supposedly has created a fuel cell that produces a chemical reaction to alter hydrogen atoms. The cell releases heat that turns the water to steam which drives electric turbines.  It’s all very scientific and academic, and a bit hard to understand. The skeptics say it violates the laws of physics, but Dr. Randall Mills  the inventor says it works and can produce electricity at less than 2 cents a kilowatt-hour. Do you think this is for real? You can read Mills recipe at www.cnnmoney.co/smallbusines decide and maybe offer a comment on the subject.  I’m really interested in the idea, I know that my daughter once asked me when she was about 12 years old, “if everything in the world had already been invented?” I thought that was a wierd question for a 12 year old to be asking and of course I told her “heavens no, I hope not !”  But then she asked me what was left to invent, and at the time I couldn’t think of anything, so I told her time would tell us what needed inventing.  This has proven to be true…it’s about time for a GRAND new invention isn’t it? We had, Newton, Einstein, Electricity, Telephones, etc..everyone at the time thought they were crazy too, right? Who is to say this isn’t the cutting edge of something beyond our imagination?  I think if a guy has spent 19 years of his life working on an idea like this, and he has an actual working model, doesn’t it merit some attention?