I’m sad…the world lost a terrific musician this week..Seattle for sure will miss Joe Shikany. A tragic freak accident in a wind storm on the lake at his parents cabin, when a tree fell.

We are all saddened at losing this talented musical artist.  He played with so many local bands, I’ve watched him perform, he’s amazing!  Jeff Kathan, drummer who has played with Paul Rodgers band,  commented after he heard the news ” broken hearted”  pretty much sums up how the entire music community is feeling right now after the loss of another great music legend. I will miss his kind soul and awesome musical performances! See other fan comments and read what  Spike from Spike & The Impalers had to say after hearing the news, http://www.bobrivers.com/ontheshow/brsnews.asp?artid=9826&cat=1&dismode=article