I was recently reading an article published by the American Botanical Council, they were quoting from an essay written by Loren Eiseley entitled How flowers changed the world, which was witten in the late 1950’s. Eiseley was an anthroplogist who wrote on the subject of science & ecology, and he was also a poet.  You can read more about Eiseley, his life, and some of his work at www.eiseley.org. He was an interesting fellow.

It really made me think about flowers and plants and how they contribute to life. I agree with Eiseley that they are unique gifts from nature and they should be cherished & protected. They are magical, they bring out the good side in us all.  Our town recently planted an entire field of red poppies in the grassy area along the ramp to the freeway   I can honestly say that it worked magic, the beautiful red color filled my soul every morning, it made me feel kinder & gentler to my fellow commuters, and with the traffic we experience, that alone is pure magic! If we could all just take a little spot, and become the caretaker, and nuture it, think of the joy it could provide and how it might change the world. 

Seeds are amazing things, I recently removed a twenty year old bush from a spot in my yard, and to my delight, an entire garden sprouted in the bare dirt where that bush had been.  Some of the seeds were from plants that I had in the yard years ago, but they had died out and disappeared, only to reappear once I took out the bush. They must have been lying dormant in the darkness under the shrub.  It was delightful! Check out seed savers www.seedsavers.org if you are interested in the subject  of seeds or want to learn more. It’s valuable to the biodiversity of the planet.