There are so many great floral designers out there and unfortunately some not so great pretenders! The order taker / middleman fake florist has been a real problem in our industry and continues to plague consumers.  I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to combat it, is to educate the consumer.  There is a great site that is doing a fine job of revealing some of the bogus tatics being used. If you would like to read up and educate yourself check out

I am a big fan of asking someone you know for a referral to a good florist, or asking your local neighborhood flower shop, who to use when you are sending flowers out of town. I know florists all over the country who are good, and I know some really bad ones too!

Be especially careful online, as the fake guys even use our store name in their ads, my own customers have been tricked into thinking they were on my website only to find out later that it was a shop in Texas, Los Angeles, or elsewhwere even though it says Brittany Flowers in the advertising.

Here are some examples of how the consumer is being fooled: These are copies of ads on google, these are the ads on the right hand side, paid sponsors.

Brittany Flowers Send Roses & Other Flowers – $19.99 “Best Value” – Wall Street Journal

Now correct me if I am wrong, this ad clearly states: Brittany Flowers with the small print under saying, is that misleading?


Brittany Florist Same Day Delivery by Local Florist Save $10 Online using Coupon JF2007

Now, this is justflowers in Los Angeles, they take the order and then send it to me to do, but people think they are ording from me. I get orders all the time from my local Kirkland customers, who thought they were ording local. Now is this misleading as well?


Kirkland flowers delivered fresher than from florists.

Kirkland flower delivery by ProFlowers – your local online florist. Send flowers to Kirkland Illinois and experience the freshest flower delivery available.


Brittany Flowers

Send Roses & Other Flowers – $19.99
“Best Value” – Wall Street Journal

This is another version, they add washington to the tagline, but they are not in Washington, or Kirkland, which according to the ad about, they are in Kirkland.  I guess maybe I should start pretending to be ProFlowers…hmmm I might have to rethink my ethics in order to compete with the big boys.