I am a professional florist, and I really value my profession. It’s a hard job, and after we pay for the flowers, there isn’t a huge amount of profit.  I love my devoted customers, I feel like I am a part of their family and they are a part of mine.  I’ve spent years developing relationships with my customers,  I’m there when they have births, deaths, accidents, joy, sadness,the kids go off to college, they start new jobs,  and everything in between, and I love it! 

So when I had a good customer approach me recently to tell me that she was getting married, I was a little surprised to find out that those plans didn’t include me?! I asked her who was doing the flowers, and she said ” a friend “.  Of course, being the professional that I am, all kinds of bells are going off, and I told her, that I thought she was making a BIG mistake, but that I respected her decision.  She asked me why I thought she was making  a mistake, and I told her how many times I had seen this go bad.  We jokingly left the conversation at ” I hope you don’t call me the week before the wedding ” which unfortunately is exactly what happened.

The week of the wedding, she came into the store and was near tears, saying that her friend was having a nervous breakdown and wasn’t sure she could do this.  Trust me..this is no news to me, even a seasoned veteran like me, has moments of adrenaline during the week of an event, it can sometimes be brutal!

I know the last thing she wanted to hear from me, was ” I told you this was not a good idea ” but of course I had to gently say it..and ask her how I was going to carry off a 200 guest event in less than a week.  This is where the professional side of me kicked in, I knew I had to just make it happen.  I did, & it was beautiful, but I wish that she had come to me in the beginning so I could have helped her & her friends organize it and carry it off more gracefully. 

I learned alot from that, and I always encourage my brides to communicate with me , tell me what they are thinking & not be afraid to ask for my help or guidance.  Florists of all people, know It’s not as easy at everyone likes to think it is!