I know that a  pesticide for organic seems like an oxymoron, but I am interested in natural alternatives. I am a bit of a skeptic & I always want to evaluate the source.  I haven’t done that with this company yet, but I am putting it out there for us to all take a look at.  It’s new scientific research, I am not even familiar with the term Biopesticide, so if someone can enlighten me, that would be great.  But I do always gravitate towards herbal and natural solutions, and I know that some herbs & plants are toxic, so if we can use science to take those natural occuring properties and turn them into a safe solution to agricultural problems, I’m willing to listen and learn. Here is the recap on the latest research.. I’ll be watching and reading to try & decide if this is something of merit for the future.  BTW..I really dislike the word chemical, in reference to organic…LOL But I’m keeping an open mind here.

Source: John Simpson -The American Chemical Society

With the growth of Organic food creating the need for natural insecticides & herbicides that can be used on crops certified “Organic” biopesticide pioneer Pam G. Marrone, Ph.D, is reporting development of a new “green” pesticide obtained from the extract of the giant knotweed. The product is safe for “humans, animals and the environment” says Marrone, founder & CEO of Marrone Organic Innovations Inc. in Davis California.

Biopesticides are derived from plants, microbes, or other natural materials and are proven to be safer for humans and the environment. The new biopesticide has active compounds that alert plant defenses to combat a range of diseases, including powdery mildew, gray mold, and bacterial blight that affects fruits, vegetables and ornamentals.