September 2008

I was listening to NPR this morning and they were talking about the way in which bird song inspired Vivaldi’s musical composition.  I’ve always enjoyed Vivaldi, but hadn’t considered how much the flute sounds like bird song.  It was interesting to listen to the composers music with that thought in mind.  They also mentioned this website which has interesting things about birds and the environment.  It also has sound so you can hear the song.  Check it out if you are interested in the subject.  I love those little goldfinches!

I used to have my daughter listen to classical music when she was doing her homework. I have read various studies that show that classical music is so comlex it unleashes creativity and allows your brain to function at a different level.  Music in general, works on a deep subconscious level to stimulate and enhance the mind & body.  Dr. Alfred Tomatis was one of the researchers who suggested that by listening to Mozart you could boost your IQ by 8-9 points. Then later a classical musician Don Campbell familiarized the research and wrote a book called the Mozart effect, and how it can heal the brain, and strengthen the mind. And for those of you who are skeptics, they actually have an article that says just the opposite on the site


I’m sharing this article . It’s interesting to me to read about this, because we are having such big issues getting our product from Hawaii.  This summer, the volcano’s in Hawaii were acting up and spounting out a gas that was killing all the protea farms. The rippple effect was wierd. You can read about it here:  A week after the weather related occurance, it was difficult to find product.

I remember when hurricane Andrew hit Florida, we could not get fern and florida greeenery for about 9 months. It really boggles my brain, to realize what a global world we have become. I really never thought much about weather before I owned a flower shop. After a few years, it became clear that weather has a HUGE impact on our industry. It’s a “growing business” that depends upon weather, light, water, and human nurturing every where in the world!

I always tell my customers to be flexible…nature has control!  Some years rain doesn’t want to cooperate with the sun, or the seeds don’t want to cooperate with the rain, or the human beings don’t have the time to plant, or  just so  many other things that contribute to the problems of a global growing community.   I’ve learned patience, given enough time, nature will provide. It’s just not always going to happen on a our schedule. I always tell my brides to have a backup plan if you are planning on Peonies for a June wedding, it’s a risky thing to count on.  This year was a perfect example, every bride that planned for Peonies in June was disappointed to find that they were completely done blooming by May 30th, and the season was only 2 weeks long, instead of it’s normal 3-4 weeks.  I always push for a backup flower, becasue of weather and seasonal availability issues.

  If you love cool photgraphy checkout these two sites. The babies under the portfolio section will give you such a smile, I laughed for 20 minutes!  I shared it will everyone and work and we all had a great laugh, guess we’re all moms!  

And for these creative pictures of water drops, talk about an artists brain.. I really like the one that looks like a broken martini glass, and the one that shows a continent behind the drop of water.  Timing is everything!  I can’t imagine being so talented as to capture this out a drop of water!


Do not go where the path may lead; instead go where there is no path and leave a trail~

Ralph Waldo Emerson


We are in the process of moving our store location, the internet has created such a revolutionary change in our business dynamics, we no longer need to have a retail commercial store front.  Our business has changed from the traditional retail store front, to a more internet, weddings & events, corporate clients and customers who refer us to friends. 

Beginning October 1st, we will be in our new location, and we will be closing our store which has been a neighborhood icon,for the past 30 years. The store has had numerous owners, we have owned it for the last 7 years, none the less, we love our neighborhood and are feeling very nostalgic at leaving our little borough.

Although we are leaving the neighborhood due to redevelopment, we are not leaving our town! Our search for a new location has taken us 9 months, and while we feel that we haven’t found the perfect location, this will serve us while our search  for a better location continues. The sad thing is that we are not alone, as it seems like half of our town is being relocated due to new commercial development.  It will be interesting to see how this whole episode plays out.  There is alot of community dissention at this point in our history, only time will tell. 

I recently invited the Ex-Mayor of our town to have dinner with our book club, we wanted to have him talk about his recent new book release which is a historical book about our town history and a city that come of age. We asked him what he felt the biggest challenge to our town was for the future, He had a thoughtful response, he said ” The toughest job the new government has is to not not mess up what we spent years putting into place”  Pretty interesting comment. All I can say, is that time will tell if what we are doing in our town  is going end up being better for our community.

History does have a way of revealing it to us after the fact!  I think I’m going to  be sleepless in seattle for the next three weeks, just trying to get everything accomplished, wish me luck!

Okay, so I’m not sure why I am even going to bring the subject up here, except that I have questions… I am curious about how those of us who aren’t scientists feel about this research project?  I have to admit, being a science nut, I find the top news story regarding these theories pretty interesting, but I find myself questioning why they are doing it and what they are hoping to gain or prove / and or do we have anything to lose? US News & World report has this article, but try googling atom collider, and see what you can learn about the subject too.   I found this article, and I think it decribes the basic premise of the researchers pretty good, but for every good article out there, there are just as many dreadful doom & gloom ones too! I even saw one piece of journalism that said, enjoy your week, because next Wednesday may be your last day on earth? I am just plain mystified to read something like that.  Have I been living in a cave…am I out of touch with reality…what is going on….Is it a full moon?

Being an artist myself, I am always inspired by other artists and I am intrigued by how our brains work. My designer & I ( also a designer ) can look at the same design instructions on a customers order and both of us come up with two entirely different inspirations, and it always amazes me.  It is a challenge when one of my clients calls me and asks me to take care of an order in some other town, and I get the opportunity to talk to other designers.  Recently, I said to a designer, “my customer wants a modern upscale presentation, with high end classy flowers”  You can imagine my surprise when the designer said, “I have some mums, and some baby’s breath, and some daisies, would that work for you? ”  Now, please don’t get me wrong, I love daisies, they belong at a picnic or a BBQ in the middle of summer, in a glass jar or a nice pottery pitcher, but they don’t rank on the scale of upscale or classy in my mind.  It really illustrates the point that one mans vision can be very difficult to capture.

It’s important to find a florist that you can relate to, one that can learn your style, & can communicate for “you”  in their design work.  It’s really a daily challenge that we face as florists. We have to make sure we listen, and  translate the information you provide us with and in turn give you what you are expecting to see.

I had a call a few days ago from a woman who said ” I’m tired of being embarrased when I send flowers, so I’m going to try you” That is really sad  for me to hear, but I understand the problem. Customer service means really listening and really caring about what people want and expect.

I feel the same thing when I go shopping, I get frustrated when the person helping me doesn’t listen to what I am asking for.  It makes me feel like they don’t really care about me at all, they just want to get my money & their paycheck so they can go home.  I have made a choice in my life to patronize business people who  actually appreciate my business. I work hard for my money and I want to feel good about spending it too!  LOL!

Speaking of artists check out my new favorite artist,  if you want to see some amazing photography of water droplets, with an unusual artist twist check out Martin Waugh art. This is a true example of an artists brain. Truly fascinating and I have a link under “my favorites ” .  Amazing…..that’s all I can say    Great photo of Shikany, it’s on page 34 in the September archives of the paper.

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