Pretty fascinating stuff, I work with a woman whose husband is a medical researcher at the University of Washington. He is researching Leukemia, so I am always drawn to the latest scientific research releases.  I have been wondering how it was possible for salmonella bacteria to end up infecting our lettuce, & tomatoes.  When I think of Salmonella I think of chicken, etc.. not vegetables. So, this was interesting to me. I guess it means manufacturers aren’t taking care and making sure that cross contamination doesn’t happen.  They need to clean up the processing act. It’s interesting to note that they expect these kinds of contamination to get more frequent in the future. 

 I know that when my parents were working as missionaries, and traveling out of the country where water was an issue, they always carried a small bottle of bleach, and would add a few small drops to the water thay they used to wash fresh vegetables & fruit, not enough to really harm you, but enough to kill bacteria.  I’m not sure about the actual science of this, but it worked really well for them and seemed to keep them from getting sick.

If you are a sceince nut like me, you can check out this latest research paper release.