This question comes up alot, I don’t know why but it always surprises me when I’m asked who pays for what items for the wedding, being a modern day girl, I always thought the brides family always paid. 

 I did a little research, and found out that In generations past, the brides family paid for the reception costs, the invitations & postage, brides attire, photographer, cermony & reception flowers, music & transportation.  The grooms family usually paid for the rehearsal dinner, the engagement & wedding rings, the marriage license, brides bouquet, corsages & boutonnieres, and the officiant’s fee.  That was in the past, but I think this old fashioned tradition may coming back into style.  I’ve started seeing the trend quite a bit.

 Recently, it’s been more common for  brides & grooms to pay for their own weddings, sometimes with a little help from the parents.  If you are going to ask your families for help, I have found that it works out the best to just give certain people the responsibilty for paying for one thing, like the flowers, or the photgrapher.  There is much less confusion & hassle if each person can be billed directly & the bride doesn’t have to deal with all the money changing hands and keeping track of who has paid for what. Brides do not need any more stress!

It will be something to watch and see if the recent trend, recyled from generations ago, continues to become popular once again.