I went to an interesting BBQ this evening, my friends just returned from a trip to Uganda and they had a small party to share the pictures and tell stories with their friends & family. It was a fascinating evening filled with conversation and lots of awesome pictures. I wish I could share some of them here. One of the guests at the party was a lady named Maggie Josiah, she did a lot of speaking and shared her stories about her life in Uganda. She is an incredible artist as well as a woman dedicated to teaching sustainability in Africa. The parent corporation to her effort is: www.inveneo.org/?q=cornerstone

I liked her perspective about teaching sustainability, not just helping with money and giving hand outs. Does anyone ever function very well under handouts? To me education is the answer.

She has a blog and a website, you can read more about her and what she is doing here….http://www.tiptopwebsite.com/maggiejosiah Changing the world, one person at a time!

I usually refrain from discussing politics and religion, because it always gets people riled up, ( actually this probably comes from watching my great aunt hit my father with a skillet one time during a heated political discussion during a family dinner ) I’ve alway been reminded by  my family to never discuss politics or religion,  but in this case, no matter whether you are a religious person or a non religious person, it’s worth the risk to me to say that  you have to admire the pure dedication & drive this woman has exhibited, and the excitement that comes from knowing one person that is making a difference in the world!  Actually I know many, but this really made me feel good!