Okay, so I’m not sure why I am even going to bring the subject up here, except that I have questions… I am curious about how those of us who aren’t scientists feel about this research project?  I have to admit, being a science nut, I find the top news story regarding these theories pretty interesting, but I find myself questioning why they are doing it and what they are hoping to gain or prove / and or do we have anything to lose? US News & World report has this article, but try googling atom collider, and see what you can learn about the subject too. http://www.usnews.com/articles/science/space-and-time/2008/09/10/worlds-largest-atom-smasher-goes-online.html   I found this article, and I think it decribes the basic premise of the researchers pretty good, but for every good article out there, there are just as many dreadful doom & gloom ones too! I even saw one piece of journalism that said, enjoy your week, because next Wednesday may be your last day on earth? I am just plain mystified to read something like that.  Have I been living in a cave…am I out of touch with reality…what is going on….Is it a full moon?