I’m sharing this article www.hawaiibusiness.com/Hawaii-Business/February-2008/Fading-Flowers/ . It’s interesting to me to read about this, because we are having such big issues getting our product from Hawaii.  This summer, the volcano’s in Hawaii were acting up and spounting out a gas that was killing all the protea farms. The rippple effect was wierd. You can read about it here: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/nationworld/2004394494_hawaii06.html  A week after the weather related occurance, it was difficult to find product.

I remember when hurricane Andrew hit Florida, we could not get fern and florida greeenery for about 9 months. It really boggles my brain, to realize what a global world we have become. I really never thought much about weather before I owned a flower shop. After a few years, it became clear that weather has a HUGE impact on our industry. It’s a “growing business” that depends upon weather, light, water, and human nurturing every where in the world!

I always tell my customers to be flexible…nature has control!  Some years rain doesn’t want to cooperate with the sun, or the seeds don’t want to cooperate with the rain, or the human beings don’t have the time to plant, or  just so  many other things that contribute to the problems of a global growing community.   I’ve learned patience, given enough time, nature will provide. It’s just not always going to happen on a our schedule. I always tell my brides to have a backup plan if you are planning on Peonies for a June wedding, it’s a risky thing to count on.  This year was a perfect example, every bride that planned for Peonies in June was disappointed to find that they were completely done blooming by May 30th, and the season was only 2 weeks long, instead of it’s normal 3-4 weeks.  I always push for a backup flower, becasue of weather and seasonal availability issues.