It’s not often that I think about my own mortality, but last night while I was browsing  click under the photo gallery, and on pictures of us,  I came across a picture they had of Joe Shikany, I believe the caption said it Joe’s last song. It was touching!

 How often do you think about what you are doing and whether or not it will the last time you ever do it? The photo of Joe, hanging out with his brothers and his family,  the children enjoying being with their uncles, was really touching and it made me realize that none of us ever knows when or how we might experience our last day on earth, it brought forth the idea, that everyday counts, so make the best of it! 

Life is so short..and depending upon your belief system, you may not get to do it over.  The photo made me feel thankful for all the times in my life when I’ve felt to busy to be bothered, but I did “IT” anyway.  The  “IT” being, make the effort to drive 3 hours to visit my elderly parents, or  volunteer to do something for my community, or help someone in need, or stop what I am doing and listen to my child or a friend in need.  All the little things that take up space between the major things in life, are really what make being alive so great!  It is so easy to lose that focus, especially when life right now seems to be so focused on our very own survival.  Making time to live your life.. that is the best thing I took away from that picture of Joe doing what he loved,playing his guitar,  being with the ones he loved, enjoying his life untill the very last minute!  Check out the picture, especially if you want a diversion from politics, ( is it November yet? ) and I’m sure it will make you feel thankful for all that life has to offer, it gives new meaning to ” living your life like there will be no tomorrow” .