Humanature Photography

  1. Will you know who your wedding photographer is? Look to create a special relationship with your photographer. The more comfortable you are with him/her, the better your images will be. Are they willing to spend time with you before the wedding so that you get to know each other? Do they include an engagement session with your wedding plan?
  2. Make sure your photographer is a “people person”. Can they work well with all types of people under the pressure of a wedding?
  3. Is your photographer flexible? If things aren’t going according to plan on your wedding day, how will they react? Will they go out of their way to help get things back on track?
  4. Comparing pricing between photographers is like comparing apples and oranges. It just can’t be done. The more important question is will your photographer provide you the images and finished products you want at a reasonable price that meets your budget? In addition, will you have a choice of your finished products vs. having the photographer deciding for you what you need in a pre-set package?
  5. Does your photographer offer a wide range of products and services that you are interested in, such as canvas portraits, digital and traditional albums, high quality prints, CD’s/DVD’s, or Memories presentations?
  6. What is your vision for your wedding images? Do you want more formal pictures, more photo-journalistic candid images, or a mixture of both? Is your photographer willing to provide you exactly what you want?
  7. How does your photographer plan for your wedding? Do they try to plan out the day as well as they can, or do they just wing it as the day unfolds? Will they attend your rehearsal to meet your family and wedding party, scout out the best locations for portrait and wedding photography, and develop a plan for shooting your wedding?
  8. Will your photographer bring a second photographer or an assistant to the wedding? Will they be operating a second camera or just helping with equipment?
  9. Does your photographer offer the ability for friends and relatives to order images online via the web?
  10. Finally, would you be willing to refer your photographer to your best friends and relatives? If not, why are you choosing them? Feel free to ask us the answer to these questions. We think you’ll like our answers!

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