This is interesting to think about, particularly since it is on a global scale.  It’s not just how much water it takes to produce something, but how much  a company or a country or an industry uses, and also how much ground water things use, water from soil,  etc.. It seems like it will be a good tool for helping us first to become aware of our consumption and then work on new plans for conservation.  It’s a pretty unique idea, I will be watching to see what becomes of the information this research group provides.  You can read the article from Science Daily here, and there is also a website  which has more information on the subject. which is really fascination to study & think about!

I am particularly interested in water conservation because my industry uses so much water.  I’ve discussed it before, it bothers me to buy flowers produced in a country that does not have enough drinking water for their people or water for food crops, which I believe should be the first priority before business. I know it is a tough call because business is what drives development and provides jobs, but at the expense of the people, I have to say it bothers me, it just feels wrong.