What is sustainable agriculture? People ask me this all the time.. A simplified answer is…

Sustainable agriculture is a way of growing food that is healthy and does not harm the environment, respects workers, is humane to animals, and provides a fair wage to the farmer, and supports farming communities.  Characteristics of this type of agriculture usually involve conservation & preservation.   People often wonder what the difference between sustainable and organic agriculture is, and when is organic not sustainable?

Organic & sustainable agriculture both strive to preserve the land for generations to come and have many similarities. The main difference between the two methods is that organic food production has to be certified yearly by an independent third party certifier who is approved by the US Department of Agriculture.  Sustainable food  has no independent certification process and it is more a philosophy & a way of life that must rely on the word of the farmer and his practices

The issue can be confusing, for example, even though organic is certified, some of the practices are not considered sustainable.  I think it is more important to know where our food comes from, and that we learn to celebrate our meals rather than just eat!

I am feeling so nostalgic about the end of the gardening season. I am going to miss the sun warmed tomatoes, the fresh herbs, squah & lettuce that have provided me with nourishment over the past year.  Some of it has been preserved, I was packaging my rosemary, oregano and spearmint yesterday to get me through the long winter season.

Organic is good, and sustainability is good. Which is better? I guess it really boils down to what we are able to do, and how much passion we can muster! In my opinion, being passionate  about something is better than taking no action at all!