Our state’s new tax incentives, recently introduced by Maria  Cantwell which you can read about here, http://www.komonews.com/news/local/33429934.html   insure that Washington State is now going to become stronger in the development and suppport of Alternative Energy sources, like wind power,  solar, electric cars, biofuel, etc.. I’m excited at the what this will mean to the future our our state, and the country.  We are so close to some grand new revolutions in alternative energery, I am looking forward to the day when it is not “alternative”but rather the new revolutionary way of living!  

I also noted with interest that Puget Sound Energy which is a local utility company in Washington state that operates two wind farms, recently gave a gift of $150,000 to Washington State University to help launch the first ever college level class in renewable energy.  The class will cover the ecological impacts of wind, solar, biomass, & fuel cell power generation. It will also cover design & construction of these type of systems. 

A further note,  the Port of Longview has become a top importer of the turbines, towers and other components for electricity generating wind farms. They are being imported from Denmark & Germany.  Wind energy shipments now account for more than a quarter of the Ports revenue.  The Port’s main revenue used to be from log exporting, so I am glad to see this change happening also.  It’s a great exciting time for our country, and I glad to see we are finally gaining momentum.