So it appears that Vampire tourism is huge in Forks right now, with the new ” Twilight” Book release.  I have to say that I haven’t read the book, so forgive me for being out of the loop on that part, but I have been to Forks Washington, and I love it! It’s a  place on the Olympic Peninsula, home to one of the worlds most beautiful temperate rain forests. I know of two others temperate rain forests, one in Chile, and one in New Zealand, so I am lucky to have one right in my own backyard. It is a truly amazing ecosystem filled with ancient trees, lush greenery and more moss than you can imagine.  It gets between 100-400 inches of rain per year.  Some of the moss that hangs from the trees is 3-4 feet long and looks like something right out a vampire novel.  🙂  There are also beautiful lakes, rivers, and a backpackers paradise!

There are numerous  hiking trails, and it is home to one of the worlds largest Sitka spruce trees, which is 191 feet tall and about 55 feet in circumference, it grows well because of the eleven feet of rain (lol) it gets every year, so don’t forget your mosquito repellent. It’s not as bad as it sounds, really!

The trails are an amazing part of a unique rainforest ecosystem with a large variety of native plants and wildflowers. There have been problems in the past with visitors poaching wildflowers and native plants.  Besides being illegal, there are serious consequences to the ecosystem.  Remember that If you dig up a plant or remove its seeds, you are limiting the plant from being able to reproduce, which affects it’s future survival.  It also affects the wildlife in the area that feed that particular species of plant and depend on it for their survival.  Enjoy it all in it’s  environment so that future generations can enjoy our natural heritage.

If you are looking to stay in a bygone era resort, I suggest the Lake Quinault Lodge. It is a historic lodge on the south shore of the lake, President Roosevelt even dined there in 1937. The lodge was built in 1926. It has a fantastic view of the lake, cabins for rent, fishing, canoe & kayakl rentals and a cozy lobby with a grand fireplace. The perfect place to curl up with that new “Twilight” book!  When I was there, my girlfriends from book club & I had a chess match on the giant chess board in the lobby while we sipped our wine in front of the fire.  It is serene, full of history, and has the most beautiful forests on the planet.

If you plan on discovering Forks, and going on the Twilight trail for a Vampire tour, check out the latest news from the Chamber of Commerce.  From what I hear you even get to see Bella’s house.  Enjoy!