It is called serruria florida aka ” Blushing Bride” a flower that is the member of the protea family, thought to have been lost, only available by reading about it in floral encyclopedia’s has been saved and is now making a comeback! A sprig of the plant was found by a flower enthusiast ( no it wasn’t me, :>) in an abandoned building in South Africa, that was scheduled for demolition, through that person’s effort, the flower was saved from extinction.  It is now available from May to October from australian flower farmers who have brought it back into production and it is being exported from Australia to flower wholesalers.  I am unfamiliar with it, but the pictures I have seen of it are wonderful, it’s cute, small, very feminine, and feathery, and it is becoming popular as a wedding flower, especially in Japan.  Check the Australian Flower Export Council’s website and they may have a photo of it.  Thank goodness for someone’s inquisitive mind, which was responsible for saving a whole plant family!