My Lemon tree to be!

My Lemon tree to be!

For those of you that know me well, you may already know the story about my visit to Los Angeles and my infatuation with the Lemons that just grow on trees everywhere! I am truly amazed every time I visit there, because the lemons are so plentiful.   Some folks that live there just seem take them for granted,  kind of like some of us in the NW when it comes to our Apple trees.  In LA you  see lemons just lying on the ground, they haven fallen from the trees, and they are being ignored, kind of like the weeds in our garden.

For you to understand my addiction, you have to know that these lemons taste nothing like the lemons you buy in the store, which are tart, bitter and have a bite to them. ( who wants them ) This is the only kind of lemon I knew until my visit to Los Angeles.  The lemons in California have the most amazing sweet fragrance in the peel, the juiciest sweet/tart tasting flesh, and I am just addicted to them.

Unfortunately for me, I live in the NW,  which has a short growing season and is just way to cold to grow lemons outside, so I will never get to enjoy a tree ripened lemon in my neighborhood unless I build a greenhouse and manage to keep my seedlings alive.

So any way, back to the story…I went down to LA to visit a friend, and she ended up having to keep me in the car and away from those trees because I kept wanting to stop and pick the lemons up off the ground, and pick them off the trees,  eat them, and take them home with me.  Of course, morally I know you can’t do this.  Stealing fruit from a neighbors private fruit collection is wrong,  but I kept trying to justify it by telling my friend that folks were just letting them go to waste.  She was strong & would not let me pick them, I am sure that she saved me from getting into trouble and I appreciate her for that.

I was so excited recently to be given some lemons by a friend,  the very kind I love! I saved the seeds, & did a lot of reading on how to save them, I washed them first because I was told that they will get a fungus and die if you don’t do this before you plant them.  I planted them, and I am patiently waiting for my own crop! lol! :>) They are the strongest seedlings I have ever seen, but also the slowest growing seedlings I’ve ever grown. These seeds came from the garden of a 90 year old strong woman! So it is no surprise that they are strong stock. They belong to the mother of one of our employees! It has been 6 months and I now have two leaves on each plant, you can see them from the attached photo above.

I decided to do a little further research, and I am sad to say that it may take 10 or more years for my little sweet seedlings to bear fruit and for me to be able to enjoy that delicious fruit…of course lets not forget the adversity I face, like the fact that I live in a cold part of the country.  So I guess I am just going to have to go to Los Angeles again and ask my friend to pull over so I can take a picture, ( wink wink ) and of course if you’ve ever tasted one of these tree ripened lemons, you will agree it is definitely worth the risk I might be facing trying to steal fruit in LA!