There is nothing like spending/wasting a weekend reading a book that ofers nothing enjoyable, to remind me of literature that I have read in the past & truly loved.  It reminds me of some books that I’ve never forgotten and that have changed my life!

I read all types of material, and tend to be open minded, but this month’s book club pick for me, has been such a struggle.  My husband asked me what it was about, & I couldn’t tell him? He asked me to describe it, and I said ” drivel”, (is that a word?) I thought maybe I wasn’t being patient and giving the author time to develop the characters, but I’m halfway through and it’s still ” blather” ( is that a word?) Blah Blah Blah (is that a word?) “meaningless stream of thought” ? ( are these meaningful words?)

I’m just not sure how to even describe the book so that anyone would care to ever read it, I tried at the insistence of my husband to describe the story,  here goes: so & so thinks she is in menopause… but she is pregnant..but she loses the baby…her kids are grown..her son has a girlfriend of a different ethnic background…the wife’s  husband is having an affair…the husband wants to be skinnier and younger than he is..the wife never does anything nice for herself…the husbands motherwhich the wife cares for gets a boyfriend…everyone thinks the mother is too old to have a new relationship as a widow…..the husbands mother lives with them but wants to move out of this loveless home….  okay………..I’ll stop being sarcastic!  But do you get the drift?  I’m not even sure why I am attempting to read it, except that our book club prides itself on being open minded to a variety of reading material. It’s how we learn and grow!  Let’s just say, that I have learned that I am glad that  I rented the book from the library rather than purchasing it from!  How does something like this even get sold as literature? :>(

Anyway, back to my original idea for a post of books that  have changed my life! I’m going to share them, and hope you too have an open mind, take them or leave them for what ever it is worth! But I guarantee they have nothing in common with the book I am reading right now for book club, which BTW meets tomorrow evening. Ugh! I need to finish formulating my opinion for tomorrows discussion on the book that will remain anonymous.

Books that have changed my life:

Narcissus & Goldman by Herman Hesse: A story about a man name Goldman who leaves a monastery in medieval Germany in search of the true meaning of life, he meets a man named Narcissus and tries to determine the difference between the meaning of “life” and the meaning of “his” life. A great story about the struggle between man & nature, and the contrast between thinker & artist.

Odyssey by Homer: I read this when I was in junior high school because my father “made me”  read it. It is an epic poem about Odysseus journey home to Troy following the Fall of Troy.  I loved this story! I am glad he made me read it, I’ve never forgotten it!

I Heard the Owl Call My Name by Margaret Craven: A story about a Christian Vicar who is sent to a native village, knowing that he doesn’t have long to live. He learns the meaning of life. He learns to live his life to the fullest & not worry about the future that he will never get to experience.  This is a simple but an unforgettable story!

Red Tent by Anita Diamant: A historical retold version of the story of Dinah from the biblical book of Genesis Chapter 34, from a woman’s  point of view! Loved this story!

Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon: The story of a 12 year old boy’s life! A powerful awe inspiring story that I have never forgotten. Amazing character development, my husband shared this book with me, and I have never forgotten it! A great read, even though I have failed to enjoy any of the authors other books, which are way to Sci fi for my taste.

So, hopefully I have shared something of substance that will make your reading day more enjoyable! If you disagree,  you can share why a novel with no substance ( junk reading ) that will never make it’s way into the classic category is worth wasting your time on?   I can think of a lot of things more enjoyable that we could find to waste our time on…like lying on the ground watching the clouds roll by.  At least that expands your imagination, right?  :>)

I am definitely going to enjoy my book club meeting tomorrow, I’ll enjoying sharing our diverse opinions and the insight and knowledge that I gain from the discussions that happen. I will embrace the comfort that comes from the friendships that we as a group have developed over the years and I appreciate my freedom to express a far different opinion from my fellow members of the human race!