Companies have great PR people pumping out the sales hype, but these days it seems harder than ever to know what to believe. How do we find the truth when so many companies go out of their way to convolute it? I can’t help but wonder why we have gone so astray.  Even though we say that ethics mean so much,  corporate greed and unethical behavior seems rampant.

I wonder if consumers feel that ethical behavior is important, and does it influence their purchasing decisions? The notion of fair or unfair, right or wrong varies  greatly and ultimately depends upon an each individuals  own values. In my mind ethics relates to fairness and how right or wrong a certain action is. I’ve always believed that it pays to be responsible & ethical even if it means less profit.

Personally I’m sick & tired of bad marketing tactics and stupid online tricks.  They seem to be quite rampant in the flower business and their is no shortage of marketers trying to steal business from legitimate flower shops, and entice buyers to purchase. They go so far as to claim to be in a city that they do not really reside in, and making claims to promises that they can’t keep, offers of free vases, that aren’t really free, cheap flowers that are really cheap, as in poor quality. I hear it everyday from customers who tell me how easily they fell for the sneaky tactics and ended up getting shafted. I personally am aware of 3 or 4 flower brokers who make bogus claims, and even go so far as to use my name in their advertising. Then there are the others who claim to be located in my city, when in fact they are not. I even recently contacted one of them to ask why they were false advertising and claiming to be in Kirkland, and she actually felt it wasn’t unethical at all.  In fact she even asked me if I wanted to purchase the bougus domain, because it was for sale! It’s sad to say that this type of unethical marketing it responsible for a growing number of dissatisfied & disgruntled consumers.  I fail to see what good can possibly come from this type of behavior.

I guess the best you can do, is try to do your research, be careful and ask the business where they are located, and be sure that they are making promises that they are going to be able to keep.  If you call a company in Los Angeles at 3:00 in the afternoon and expect him to get your flowers to Seattle before 5:00, he’s lying if he tells you he can do that.  In fact even a shop in Seattle that tries to get to the Eastside in Kirkland, navigating through traffic would probably make it impossible.  As consumers we need to start demanding & expecting ethical business practices by not supporting companies that are failing miserably.  Maybe we can start a trend!