While color preferences tend to change with the seasons you can look for the big tropical color scheme to become hot in the spring of 2009. Think about the blue of the Caribbean ocean, you can plan to see bright lemon yellow and turquoise shades, palace blue and bright oranges emerging as the hot color trends for the next season.

You can mix a combination of these colors,  or better yet, plan a bold & daring orange ceremony. Certainly in the coming year you’ll be planning a bold, bright, full-of-color, wedding!  Gone are the days of muted flowers; soft pastels, brides are not afraid of color or for example mixing purple & orange, extreme color combos are the hot new thing, they are energizing, bright, & high in contrast and they make you feel good! We are even seeing a trend towards  veggies, herbs, & fruit being added, creating a fun & playful approach to floral design.


One of a kind, identical arrangements on every table is giving way to a more dynamic style. Brides are using different containers on each table, varying the heights and also using groupings of flowers clustered together as centerpieces for a simple classic look.

While there are no longer any hard & fast rules that dictate what makes a good flower arrangement, they do provide us a design foundation, so that we know what rules we can break. For example an old rule of design, where the vase should occupy one third of the arrangement and the flowers two thirds to create balance, has gone by the wayside and given way to a new trend in design where more is on the bottom and less on the top, or even creating flower designs under glass and just barely peeking out of the top of the vase. The effect is fun & very charming.

What ever artistic vision you are going for, remember that your wedding day is a memorable moment & your flowers will be in all of your photos so I always suggest you hire a professional florist to design your flowers.:-)