Just had to say……….what a show! It was a terrific entertaining event honoring some of my most amazing performers! Coming from a dance background myself,  I really loved Twyla Tharp and the tribute to her work. Of course being a designer who tends to look at everything from a different twist,  I  really love the concept of thinking outside the box and Twyla’s  amazing creative twist on music & dance and movement.

The tribute to Roger Daltrey & Pete Townshend of The Who was a great reminder of an era of music that had passion.     Bettye LaVette who sang a tribute to them was R & B to the bone,  and gave everyone chills, wow what passion! 🙂 http://www.bettyelavette.com

Rob Thomas was terrific in his great performance along with the appearance of the New York Fire Department which made me weep and brought back every sorry memory of 9/11 ! But it renewed my passion and gave me promise of the possibilities that our future can hold.

The performance of BB King for the to tribute Morgan Freeman was so entertaining and really touching…awesome 🙂

Barbara Streisand was another honoree and what can you say about her “ability..sing..act..produce…and lead”..in the words of Queen Latifah.  🙂 and Beyonce has the velvet smooth  voice to carry the tribute  performance off .

If you missed this performance I hope it will replay on cable or become available on dvd..you will love it and I’m sorry if you missed it. I just hope the next  generations of musicans & performers, and ( let’s not forget the firefighters)  will give us  as much passion, heart, & soul, as these performers did!  I love passion &  the arts!