Well I am not sure what I have to say about the December weather…except that delivering  flowers in the snow and ice is really an unpleasant job! Thank you to everyone who showed patience! It really ranks as the worst weather in December that we have ever had!

So now, it’s January, and life goes on….how many inches of rain can you get in a day??? It’s scary that I live in Seattle and even I am asking this question, but a  three day total of 14-16 inches? That’s just nuts? I am so sorry for my many friends who have floating chairs and sofas in their living rooms right now, and of course I can’t even complain about the floods that are making it impossible for me to get to my customers homes to deliver flowers.

I am so used to the rain, but this is starting to bother me! The only way out of  Seattle right now is by airplane,  thank goodness that Horizon Air has added additional flights,  or travelers could not even get out right now. As great as Amtrak is,  the tracks are under water, the Interstate is under water, and most local roads in the county are under water…thank goodness I live on a hill, and have a road that goes around it all for access.  I think the only happy ones  right now are the frogs..since they love the rain 🙂

Thank goodness I have a weather plan:  Firewood, candles, matches,  mah jong, a pot of soup, bread  & my neighbors!

I think we all need to think about basic things we need for survival, I never really worry or think about it, but when the Interstate  shuts down, trucking stops, and so do deliveries to the stores.  I guess when you live at the farthest end of the chain, maybe you feel it more.  I’m starting to think more about taking care of my brother!  I don’t really have a brother, but you know what I mean?  It is becoming more clear to me that “it’s a small world after all”.