I was recently reminded to look at my city through the eyes of someone who doesn’t live here! I realize that it’s an amazing city with so many wonderful things to do, and I tend to take it for granted, but I am lucky to live here.

If you are planning a visit the the Seattle area any time soon, you should add Kirkland to your list of places to come visit.  We are only about 20 minutes from downtown Seattle.  ( well depending upon traffic, I guess )

The Space Needle

If you plan a trip in the summer you can experience the summer concerts at the marina which boast beautiful sunsets overlooking the water, it is just the best evening you can imagine! I was lucky enough to have friends visit from California, and they really helped me see my city through new eyes. I was even lucky enough to benefit from the picnic dinner that they brought out to the marina, a boxed sampler from Beechers hand made cheeses, which is located at Pikes Market in Seattle.  It’s  funny, I live here, and I didn’t even know that Beechers did boxes to go. It was a spectacular evening and it really made me appreciate my city!

Kirkland Marina area

We have a terrific performing arts center, a ton of art galleries, quaint shops and just plain friendly people. I love the way everyone walks every where,  it doesn’t even matter if it’s raining, we are walkers.  Come for a visit if you can, we are a warm and welcoming city!

We are only about 15 minutes from some of the big wineries and breweries, Woodinville as small suburb like Kirkland, has created a whole area of wineries and quaint places to visit.

If you just travel an hour and 1/2 to the north you’ll be at the  tulip fields and the tulip festival ( check the dates, for the Skagit county tulip festival, before you plan your trip) , and go two hours south to Mt. Rainier National park,  or two hours  east the other direction the the Olympic National park.  If you have never been, it will blow you away with it’s natural beauty.  If you like hiking, you will love these places which are full of natural  beauty, hot springs, and wildlife.

If winter fun is your thing, we have that  too! You can go to Snoqualmie pass for skiing, hit the new Snoqualmie Casino for food and fun on your way back , and stop by and enjoy  the breathtaking Snoqualmie Falls which is  famous for it’s beautiful views and great hiking trails! What a way to spend the day!

Snoqualmie Pass

The next day you could head north to Stevens pass and ski there and then go on in to the town of  Leavenworth which is only about 30 minutes over  Stevens pass. It’s a quaint Barvarian village, with lots of things to explore.

I don’t think that many people realize how close everything is to explore here.  I guess if you have never been here before  you don’t realize how easy it is to hit alot of places.  I know when I travel and end up in a new town it is tough to figure out what there is to do.

I know I didn’t really think about it until my friends came to visit and I became the tour guide. We have many things so very close and with really easy access.  The best time to come is in the spring & summer, unless you are a skier and like the snow ( and the rain )

Here are some links to some great places to visit..and don’t forget to visit me if you are in the area: