With Valentines Day approaching, and it ranking as one of our busiest days of the whole year, it reminds me that we are in the business of DELIVERING flowers.  We have often discussed with our employees on how to be careful about making people feel vulnerable when you are approaching their home with a flower delivery gift.  You have to admit, that it is a bit weird to have a stranger approach your door, especially in this  economic climate and when it is some times after dark that we knock on your door.

We see  it everyday, with elderly folks, single women, children, etc.. they all act a little afraid when you ring the bell and tell them you have a flower delivery.  More times than not, they do not answer the door.   I really  agree with them and I understand it completely.  It’s why we are forced to leave flowers at the door now more than ever.  Many times my driver will tell me,  that he knows people are home, but they will not answer the door.  Then as he is leaving the driveway they will open the door and retrieve their gift.  It is a good thing to always use caution, maybe now more than ever.  I am starting to call now before I go, just so I don’t scare people when I knock on the door.  I always ask my clients if I can call first. I know some think it spoils the surprise, but now you know the flip side of that.  🙂

We have all heard stories about fake delivery men using flowers as a ploy to gain access to your house, or to use them to plan a robbery. The craziest thing I recently read was a story on the human flower project site about a bank robber who used a boxed flower delivery to rob a bank.  They shipped the flowers to the bank and then called the bank to tell them that the box contained a bomb.  It’s totally nuts what folks can dream up. Wow… how to take a thing of beauty and turn it into garbage, it’s amazing to me.

My main reason for mentioning this was, the funniest thing I recently read, was about how the police were trying to figure out how to gain access to a drug house and came up with the great idea of using a flower delivery as a ploy! Now mind you, this does nothing to make my job of DELIVERING flowers any easier, but I thought it was a brilliant twist !  The drug dealers opened the door immediately and allowed the police access!  LOL!  Just goes to show you the power of flowers! Be careful out there!