Floral Design trends for 2009 and things we plan to focus on this year.

Grace…..We plan to stick with classic, graceful, elegant & tasteful designs.  High quality will be a top priority, because I believe it is important to our clients. I myself am tired of buying things that are poorly made, and don’t last more than 1 or 2 uses. A great example of this frustration, was when we recently purchased some colored glass cubes to do floral arrangements in and were  so disappointed to find out that as soon as they got wet, the color “film” came off. It’s completely irritating to me, that someone  would take so little pride in their product that they would manufacture it that poorly.  Our goal this year is to reward suppliers who care about quality as much as we do. Wish us luck!

Calm…We want to reflect the joy of life, if we are successful, this attitude will show up in our floral designs. We will strive for calm, natural, creative and uncomplicated designs with a focus on simplicity.

Minimalist… as always we tend to lean towards a modern approach in our floral design studio, and this year we will focus on contrast, nature, functionality, and a flair towards organic. Not necessarily organic in the sense that everything we use is organic, but more towards a sense of natural materials, wood, feather, string, grass, twigs, herbs, brown unbleached paper, & plants.

Cheerful… Let’s face it, flowers are romantic! Our designs should reflect creativity, cheerfulness, romance, and fun! Romantic,  full of life, delicate & fresh..will be the foundation for many of our new designs this year.