I guess the voting won’t be for a while but here is a link  http://www.project10tothe100.com/index.html if you want to read up about the project and vote, pick your favorite, or come up with your own idea which will benefit mankind!

I recently heard about one idea that I thought was pretty cool!  The guy is from Seattle and he has submitted a prototype of a wind generator called “The Jellyfish”.  His premise is pretty easy, he wanted something that was simple, something that any one could use, something as simple as plugging in your hair dryer.   Check it out and learn more about it and then vote in the google contest.   There is a you tube video of the project that I like,  his name is Chad Maglaque and the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7sZr5y0QLc is here.  What I really love about his idea is that it produces 40 kilowatt hours of wind generated power,  which is enough to light your house.  He says the prototype can be made out of a ceiling light fan, or any similar type motor, his target selling price is $400 bucks.  Seattle City light has already contacted him and they are expressing an interest because his idea means that every kilowatt hour a customer can generate is one less that the power company has to generate.

I really love googles basic idea behind the contest, which is that every oneof us can help, we all have ways to help, but what will help the most? It’s a brilliant concept, and it’s a terrific way to get us all involved helping one and other just for the benfit of mankind! I’d love to hear about any other ideas folks are finding that are being submitted to the contest.  We are only limited by our imagination!