I was recently browsing blogs, and I came across one titled the year of the fruitful life.  It was on one of those blog sites that roll and you can’t stop and read the  story. While I thought the technology was cool, I’m not convinced that is works very well in a blog format.  I think that when you are a writer, your hope is that someone, at least one person in the world  finds something compelling in your writing and it makes you have a connection. In my opinion,  I’m not sure that if your blog never gets discovered  by anyone that it is fulfilling. I know that most of us  do it for  different reasons, some for a voice and some for an audience.

But I did  find this title interesting and captivating.. It blinked before me, and I was instantly captivated! The possiblilties of the title  seemed huge! It touched me, I’m not sure how, but I know that it captured the essence of me that lies there, not sure how to react to the thought. It might be that the world is in a stage of change, and I’m not sure what that means, or it might mean. Or it could mean that I’m unsure of what my loved ones  close to mean are sensing in the world and this title  holds the answer.

I’m tired of doom and gloom..maybe that’s it..everyone I know is tired of doom and gloom, so we are all ready to move on to larger things..maybe a fruitful life is it!  Check back, as soon as I figure it out,  I’ll  ltell you what I think that fruitful life of the future might be.