Planning your own wedding is not that difficult, but you need to be organized! One of the ways to begin is a nifty trick I learned from my husband.  He was sitting next to a guy on a plane, who basically gave him the lesson that he had learned while getting his MBA.. It was a crazy mini course written out on a napkin, but it works! The lesson was how to plan anything successfully by starting at the end result. The concept is really simple, but it takes practice to learn how to use it.

For example, take the ideas that you have for the perfect wedding, write them down, and brainstorm. At this point it is pure fantasy, it’s just your wish list and dreaming is the first step to getting to the reality of the wedding you actually want. Don’t start with checklists and budgets first, because you will only end up confused and disappointed.

Once you have your fantasies down, try putting them in order of importance. For example, is the ice sculpture or the chocolate fountain more important to you. I encourage my clients to have the wish list and then the must have list. This helps you decide what you can & can’t live without. You have to decide if that couture dress is on the top of the list, or whether the party after the wedding is worth everything to you.

It’s all about prioritizing your wishes first, then getting down to the budget side of things, and bring it all into focus. After you get all your quotes into place, you can organize your plan out and make your decisions based on your highest priorities, which will enable you to cut out what isn’t in the budget.

I encourage all of my brides to keep a folder, with pictures, color swatches, ideas, and even things they don’t like. When my bride shows me the things she doesn’t like, it helps me dial into her style better. Keep a list of all of your contacts and phone numbers and keep a calendar.

Two last comments, if you are planning an elaborate event, I suggest using a wedding planner, it will keep you from having a nervous break down because planning a large event is stressful and a planner is worth every penny! If you are doing it yourself, I suggest you start planning your wedding at least 6 months prior the event date, this also saves you some stress.