Captain Sully started  it when he said ” people really want more good news in their lives”.  Brian Williams of NBC nightly news started asking viewers to suggest good news to report and to pay attention to the positive actions of our friends, family, neighbors and coworkers.   It’s true that positive energy can change the way we view the world.

I’ve been watching the evening news for a few  nights now and really enjoying this new concept of passing on good news.  I don’t get home in time to watch the evening news very often, but in a few moments of time  that I have had recently, I have seen some incredible stories!

One was about a restaurant that feeds people whether they have money or not..the concept was for the customer to pick up a mop and wash the floor, or pick up the dishes and clear the table, all for your meal, or if you can afford it, pay for the guy who came to eat before you who couldn’t afford to pay.  It was an incredible story that made me really appreciate my fellow neighbors.

Then they showed a movie theater that was offering free movie night because he  felt like the public needed to get out and laugh and enjoy their friends and family so  he decided to offer free movie nights.  They showed a steady stream of folks, mom, dad, kids, kids friends, grandma & grandpa, all going to the movies together, and it was completely FREE? I couldn’t believe it! This is the beauty of NOW!

I recently had a customer come into the store and pay for flowers, when I asked who she was sending them to, she said “give them for free to the next person who comes into the stor.”  The next person who came into the store was an elderly woman who was wanting to get a  corsage for her friend who was turning 80 years old.  She was concerned because she did not have a lot of money, but she really wanted to do this for her friend.  So I told her the regular price, and then I said” but for you today it is free!”  She looked so surprised and said, “no she couldn’t let me do that” and then I told her about the woman who had just been in the store and  paid for the next person who came into the store.  You should have seen the tears, and the look of shock on her face.  She told me that  she had prayed for a way to be able to afford to do this, and this was the answer to her prayer.  It was so surprising to me that she was so touched, and it wasn’t even for her, it was for her friend!   That’s good pass it on!