Everyone always thinks I have the best job in the world, but I don’t always agree with them. When someone asks me about getting into the business, my first question is always, do you like washing buckets?

No kidding, I never dreamed that washing smelly bacteria laden buckets would be such a big part of the job!  Flowers are always coming in and going out, and I am always dumping old water, adding new water, and changing water for freshness  to keep bacteria growth at a minimum.  It can be pure drudgery some days.  During the holiday’s  I think I’ll scream if one more bucket of water gets tipped over and has to be mopped up. Then there is the pure stress of dealing with a living product, that sometimes has a mind of it’s own and doesn’t want to perform the way we expect it to. There you have it..the dark side of being professional florist.

But the bright side….  the customers, the ones that make it all worthwhile! All of the friends  that you end up developing life long bonds with because you are there for them during all the major life events in their families.  Births, deaths, weddings, parties, all the sad and happy occasions alike. I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world!

Today I was reminded of why I like my job, I was invited to participate in an upcoming magazine project, and it was exciting to see it all come together thanks to many talented people.  I was so surprised when the photographer said “you guys must have a FUN job!” She was referring to myself and the event planner who were setting the props in place for the shoot.  Here I was thinking that the photographer had a FUN job. She was so creative, had a fabulous eye for detail, she gets to  go on location and shoot beautiful photographs.  I loved her vibrant energy and talented approach to her art!

After the stress of the shoot was over and I had time to reflect on the day, I realized that this is exactly what I get to do every day! I am living the life that I found so interesting and enchanting! It’s just that I sometimes lose focus  and forget to see the big picture.

One of my customer’s gave me a beautiful white brocade chest, and for the past six years I’ve  been filling it up with the special moments from this journey of life.. I opened it up recently and was so surprised at all the special items that I have stored in it. It is full of newspaper clippings about happenings of customer’s,  cards expressing thanks for special things we’ve done,  pictures that customer’s have sent us to share their special occasions, graduation announcements, charitable benefits that we’ve participated in, 100 year old birthday parties.  I even found a greeting card company that sent me a beautiful card they sell with one of my arrangements set on a grave at a national cemetery.

I was blessed today to be able to enjoy sharing in a once in a life time experience, being  surrounded by caring friendly people, who  allowed me to be able to  express my creativity to the world.  I realized that stress is just a matter of perspective and that I am really truly living the life that many wish they could be living.