Cheap Chic Catering…

Defined as costing very little, relatively low in price, inexpensive, attractive, fashionable and stylish!

It’s a difficult challenge to create a fabulous event while having a budget but it’s not impossible to do. Many caterers are willing to customize a menu to fit within your budget. Make sure when you meet with your caterer you tell them up front what your budget is and ask them about their options for customizing a menu to fit your shoestring budget.

A great cost effective trend is to serve appetizers instead of having a full meal. Appetizers and cocktails can be very classy, and a lot cheaper than a full course sit down dinner. This would be a great idea if you are holding the wedding between 4-7pm.

Some brides are opting to go with a dessert buffet which can be paired with assorted cheese and fruit to add a bit more substance to the dessert table. This can be really elegant and a great way to save money. Your guests will love the chance to choose from a wide array of cheeses, fruits, cookies, cakes, and brownies. Set up a full service coffee bar serving espresso and cappuccino to go with the desserts which will make it even more special. Have fun with it; pick desserts that suit your style and the theme of your wedding. The time to hold this type of reception would be between 2-5pm, keep in mind that if you go any later in the day, your guest will be expecting a full dinner.

There are many opinions on whether it’s a good idea to add a line on your invitation stating what type of reception you are having. For example, “Cake and Cappuccino Reception to Follow Ceremony”, or “Aperitif and Appetizer reception to follow at two o’clock” or ” Dessert Reception Following Ceremony”. Add a personal touch, by coming up with some classy name for the reception party, which will make it sophisticated & unique.

I think that It’s a clear and polite way for the couple to let their guests know that a full meal should not be expected, and then your guests will have the option of eating a meal prior to or after the wedding if needed.