Our goal is to take responsibility for a clean and healthy environment, do our part, even if it is small. We try to make every day Earth Day by taking small steps all the time. Last year we were honored with the Kirkland Green business label promoted by the city of Kirkland.  We started composting all of our green material waste product, we are lucky to live in a city where they offer free pick up of all that waste material, which is then turned into compost by a local company called Cedar Grove Compost.  I promised them that I would get better and start using recycled paper products, I have not yet done that, but I buy in bulk to cut down on packaging waste.

So today for Earth Day we decided to do away with plastic water bottles that we keep in the office for staff, because the water in our building is horrible to drink, we decided to put in a water cooler instead, so no more plastic bottles! And We don’t use paper cups, we use ceramic mugs and real glasses.  And we are now using reclyed paper towels.  And we started a glass vase recyling program, if a customer brings back a vase we will recyle it, reuse it, and offer them a free gift as well. So bring those vases back in!

One small step but I feel better knowing we took  action in helping to reduce waste on the planet.