At this time in our history I have really begun to  look for the silver lining amidst the clouds!I need a little inspiration!  It’s so hard to find anything that is focusing on the bright side of life, but tonight I watched the story on TV about the  Antinori vineyards in Italy which has roots back to the 1300’s.  It was a refreshing renewal of faith in the small family owned business!

I was so inspired by their focus on family and their philosophy  in life.  I was also humbled when the patriarch of the family retold the story about a period of their family history when they decided they needed an investor in the company, and after many trials and tribulations and it eventually not working, they came back around to the fact that it should remain a family business.  This was in spite of the fact that he had three daughters and a historical tradition of woman not working in the vineyards, but three daughters in the family who wanted to work in the business.  In essence breaking the traditionally male dominated industry standards. The “all things happen in their own time” approach to the wine business was a great reminder for me and other small business owners every where.

I’m in the flower business, and I can’t tell you how many hours I have spent trying to force a flower to bloom or open on demand~ it is frustrating and really downright maddening sometimes!  Maybe that is why I appreciated the story so much. It brought out the more important issues in life,  the ebb and flow, the natural rhythm, the long terms gain, rather than the short term fix!  I’ve decided that maybe this is a period in life for me to have more patience, and I will eventually get to enjoy the fruits of my labor when  the time is right!

Here is a quote from the family that can explain it better than I can and should be an inspirational quote for small family business owners around the globe!  ….

Looking to the future, Antinori explains: “There are many books in our library but they are never enough for us. Our mission is not yet complete: we are driven to express the vast potential of our vineyards and reconcile all that is new and undiscovered with Tuscany’s traditional, cultural, agricultural, artistic and literary heritage. These things represent the identity of Antinori, and one of our greatest strengths is that we are in Tuscany – our essential ‘Tuscan-ness’, if you will”.