I’m wishing every Mother/ Mom  out there good health, happiness, strength, and love!  Enjoy the day…I hope you appreciate the small blessings in your  life and spend the day doing something you love with someone you love!

I survived the day..300 tulips,  roses, lilies, hydrangea, calla lllies, 200 cybidium orchids and untold numbers of stems of flowers later..I’m done!

The strangest request came very late in the day today for an edible arrangement.  Call me tired, or call me dumb, I just did not understand what that was. What is that?  I was running it through my brain, are roses edible? Are violets edible? Then I found out she wanted arranged fruit!  🙂  Like an edible fruit arrangement, so I ended up giving her the number to the place in town, and she ended up calling me back because they were sold out and she decided that unedible flowers were okay after all. We had the best laugh..she decided that Washingtonians are really great friendly folks! Of course I agree.

Then I had a gal from New York call me, and the address turned out to be wrong, I knew this becasue according to the map it was located in the middle of Lake Union.  When I called the recipient, we had a great laugh when I asked her if she lived on a houseboat. she said that she did not, then I asked her if she was a mermaid…she laughed so hard! I told her I was just trying to get some flowers to her, but this address in the middle of the lake wasn’t working for me.   Geez….one digit can make such a HUGE difference. 🙂

Can you tell I’m tired.. and just going to go listen to Saturday night blues.. ( this is Saturday right???)