I can’t say this too many times..keep the water level up in the vase.  Flowers drink a lot of water and they need to have the vase filled to the top every day with fresh water.

Heaven forbid that anyone got flowers in a box for Mother’s Day, but if you did, make sure you recut the bottom of the stem before placing them in the water.  They are dehydrated, and need to be recut in order to be able to drink water.

It makes no difference if you add a penny, or seven up or sugar, those are myths.  Sugar is what the flowers need to live on, but if too much is added you will actually cause the flowers to use up their energy quicker and die faster.  All florist’s add flower food to the water, so until you change the water, there is already the right amount of food in the water.

Speaking about changing the water, cut flowers breed bacteria and bacteria kills flowers. When the water starts turning nasty and dirty looking, grab the entire arrangement out of the vase with one hand, and dump the water out and rinse the vase, then add fresh water back in it and quickly place the flowers back in the vase of water. You can actually add a small drop of bleach to the vase of water after you put the flowers back in, and it will help the bacteria level from growing, it doesn’t hurt the flowers.  If the flowers don’t come out of the vase becasue of grid work, then just hold the edge of the vase under the running water and flush the dirty water out by forcing fresh water in.

What does hurt the flowers is sucking air up the stems, so you have to be quick about changing the water, if the flowers are out of water for more than 3-5 minutes before being placed back in the water, they have to have each stem recut.  I always tell my customers not to recut, unless they know how to do it because recutting can also kill your flowers if it is not done properly. When a rose sucks air up the stem it causes an air block in the stem and it blocks water from going up the stem. I’m sure you have seen a rose with a bent neck, that’s why it happens.

If you have a very sharp knife, like a swiss army knife, you can cut the stem with that, or with sharp pruners. Never ever use scissors or dull pruners because they pinch the stems when you cut with them, which crushes the inside cell structure of the flower, then it can’t drink water and it will die for sure!

Enjoy your flowers!