If you are a bride and planning a wedding, I post this as a friendly reminder that being nice is a good thing, and if you are a wedding vendor, remember that you can’t always make everyone happy.

Your wedding day..it’s supposed to be one of the happiest times of your life. Most brides are the nicest sweetest people, but there are always a few that get overwhelmed with the pressure of planning, the expectations from all their friends, and the whole exhausting process.  Why is it that weddings can make some women go crazy? The technical term for it is Bridezilla, a word used to describe a difficult bride.  As a bridal vendor, I have to remind myself that there is no way to satisfy a person like this, and sometimes I have to just chill, take a deep breath and remind myself that the insanity is only temporary.  I’ve been lucky enough to only have had to deal with a few of these types of brides in my floral career.  But it is true that the process of planning a wedding can turn the sweetest bride into a cranky mean person.  Luckily they are far & few between.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to be obsessed temporarily, everyone wants to have the perfect wedding.  But it’s only one day out of a lifetime of memories together.  That’s where the real focus should be.  The life you end up sharing together will not be defined by the wedding ceremony.