You know I’ve just been experimenting with Twitter and I have found it to be a pretty easy to maintain media.  I like being able to connect with other vendors that are in the same industry as mine.  I’ve learned some new things, found new suppliers, and for the most part it’s been a pretty good experience. 

Then suddenly like everything else in life, someone has to come along a wreck it for the rest of us.  I’m mystified as to why someone would find it fun to just be mean and ruin the experience.  Some people need to get a life!@

The past week, I’ve been getting these creepy followers, basically porn, asking me if I wanted to “meet at their place or mine”  and I’m thinking, “how about neither! ”  The nice thing about Twitter is you can block the people you don’t like, which I did.  So imagine my surprise while I am browsing the tech news articles online last evening when I read that a “Twitter hack spreads a porn trojan”. at the end of June.  I thought it was a little wierd to be getting so many of those types of followers, so at least it finally made sense.

So since I was having a little trouble last night with the site, of course I go back into my account and I start looking, and I discovered that I couldn’t view my friends, because someone named A C had locked me out and protected my site.  So I searched through the help, which of course said nothing about the problem, or the trojan or porn, so I decided to change the password on my account.  That was successful, but I was still locked out of my followers by A C ( Friends ). 

Anyway, to make a long story short, I ended up deleting messages, updates and followers and all the people I was following, only to end up with these 6 followers, one of which I am assuming is A C and his 5 friends, unable to delete them, and still locked out by these creepy people.  I ended up deleting my account, since you have no way of knowing what the person is putting out in your name, I felt it was better to delete it, than risk having everyone think I was on drugs or some stupid thing, like what happened to the CNN news guy back in January, or like some of the celebrity hack jobs where the hacker was posting bogus updates pretending to be that person, and saying stupid damaging stuff. 

Sorry to report, I have no followers, and I am slowly adding back my friends.  Be patient, I’ll think I’ll wait a while, until my frustration subsides. When I do end up back online at Twitter, I will still be Brittany Florist. I’ll keep you posted.