A gathering of thoughts for this past 4th of July….

As Thomas Jefferson so artfully wrote in The Declaration of Independence “…life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

And Jim Blasingame, small business advocate points out, ” We began with freedom, the freedom to dream and to try; to succeed and to fail; to own and to enjoy; to accumulate and to pass on to the next generation.”

“Entrepreneurs take risks, but only the freedom to enjoy success can make those risks acceptable.”

“A healthy entrepreneurial environment fosters national economic well-being. ”

“Thank you, Founders. Without their vision, courage, passion and sacrifice, it’s doubtful that entrepreneurship as we know it would exist today.”

And thank you to Jim Blasingame, small business advocate, who’s blog you can find here:


His blog touched my heart and validates the very core reason that I own a small business in this country, and I am sure every small businesss owner will relate, as well as all of us who still have a dream!

Hope everyone had a wonderful  4th of July celebration!