I’m learning lessons from lean times, I’ve learned that 75 percent of my conversations are with people I love to converse with and nearly every topic  on which I write  is about something that I care deeply about. But it is really tough setting parameters for my daily schedule because everything seems to get in the way of my productivity.

Then again  I guess that these are the decisions that  make all of us focus on the hard choices in life, things like what to cut back on, or what to focus on, should I attend more meetings or travel more etc? And then there are the sometimes plain frivolous things that eat away at your time?   How frustrating those things can be.  Am I the only person who get’s calls from ” John”?  ( If that recorded friendly robot calls me one more time at work I’m going to scream!)  Don’t you think “John”  should just leave his number & have me call him back if I am interested in his “listen up” recorded message telling me how I can get more money for my business? Isn’t there technology for such annoying time wasting things?

I’m beginning to look at the economic situation as a fresh start, I’ve been asking myself, “If I had a fresh start, what would I do with it?” It’s a difficult question to answer because so many things come into play, whether I take it from a  personal, business, or community perspective, it still comes down to choices.  I still need to figure out how to be the most productive!

I keep asking myself,  if it is the simple things I should be more focused on, like paying it forward, or sharing with a neighbor, spending  more time gardening, trying to empower more people, or work more overtime?  😉 It’s tough out there for everyone right now, so what do you do?  Life can be wonderful and I know you have to work to make it be wonderful, & I’ve learned that hardship only makes us feel more grateful and appreciate the good in life,  but  I still wonder sometimes if I am on the right path.

Lately, I have been enjoying watching the series on the History Channel, called Expedition Africa! If you haven’t seen it I would suggest it, http://www.history.com/expedition/episode-1/ If you are driven by exploration of new places, ideas, and love history, you will love it!.  I’m enjoying the concept in the show about retracing Stanley & Livingstone’s journey , reliving the history and the new persceptive is rather like a fresh start.  There was much to be learned the first time they explored Tanzania, but how much more to be learned the second time through? I appreciate the blending of old historical accounts, with the new modern techniques and how it applies  to the situation today.  Seems like a case of subtle wisdom to me…then again I am still thinking about it, & how it can help me become more productive in my daily life. I know that there is a lesson in there, I’m still just savoring the ideas.  One thing was very clear while watching the show, I’m not to fond of snakes, thanks to the photographers who did a fabulous job of convincing me of that! 🙂