September 2009

It’s time to vote for your favorite project! The deadline is October 8th!  I was a little surprised that you don’t really get to vote for some of your actual favorite ideas and projects, but it appears to be more about concepts.   One of my favorites was about alternative energy that Chad Maglaque submitted which you can read about

I have to admit that I had a tough time deciding when I was reading through the voting choices & criteria.  All of the choices are important social  issues and crucial to our well being and future development. Some of them were a bit too political for me.  Politics are important but I tend to  get sick of hearing and talking about the subject because nothing ever changes and I as an individual feel like I have no impact on the outcome and this frustrates  me.

Many of the options stood out to me as great ideas!  I read them all and studied them & we had some big discussions about each category.  I was drawn to quite a few of them, but the more I thought about it & as much as I was touched by each category I still kept coming back to education.  I really feel like everything would be possible if you had access to education.  Education is expensive and at what point do we decide that education should be more accessible so that we can improve society overall?  Wouldn’t we would all benefit from this?  I remember having coffee with a local philanthropist, and he made a comment that stunned me!  He said ” I can take care of my son just fine, but what happens when I send him out into a society of uneducated people?”  He made the point that if his son was the only educated one,  it would be of no good to society.

One of the Google project choices involves Africa, which I am also passionate about because of the extreme poverty, but when we discussed it with our group we still came back to education.   There are other choices about government transparency, which are good too, but I wonder just how much better our life would be if we know more about the systems that we  still  have no control or voice  about ?  So I not sure about that vote either.

I was looking for an option about energy alternatives which I feel pretty compassionate about, but I didn’t really find that option to vote for,  other than the mass transit idea.  Of course we would all like to have mass transit, but are we willing to pay for it? I think we are all too stressed financially to even think about paying more for mass transit.  I think  were all under the illusion that this was what our tax dollars were going for already.  Sorry, but government and banking are not on my most favored list right now.

I really love the idea about science and engineering, as this is about our future infrastructure.  This is funny for me as a floral designer to say, but my whole industry has a foundation in science .  I think science is really important, but there again it came back to education for me.

The only other category that I remember thinking about and discussing was health data, and considering the recent swine flu outbreaks and the future talks about pandemics, it is also very crucial to our world!

But when we really thought about it, we decided that it really all came down to education, and making it available to everyone at no cost!  It will be through education that we all become stronger and better.  I think education could be the salvation of the world!

No matter what your opinion is, please go and vote on the google 10th to the 100th project, because it is through ideas and visions  that our future becomes a new reality.


This is something we can all strive to be better at!  I know that in our company, we encourage recyling, reusing, and support of farms that use green growing practices.  I plan on taking a closer look at the green wedding self certification process just to make sure there isn’t more we can do!  Check it out!

Check this out to see if your wedding is green.

If you are in need of searching for a flower by color, or if you don’t know a petunia from a pansy, this is a great resource when planning your wedding.   Check it out at the knot and let me know if you enjoy it as much as me.  I know flowers, but it’s still a useful tool when you are looking for a specific color or type of flower.  Enjoy browsing!