Sherwin Williams just released their forecast for design trends for 2010  which you can read about here:

I found it interesting to read because I have already begun to see some of these new trends showing up in weddings.  Since we are working on weddings for next year, it stands out as very different from the past few years of bling and over the top design.

Let’s talk about Sherwin Williams 2010 design trend forecast and how it is already showing up in wedding trends for 2010~

The first trend is called ” Rooted”

I’ve been seeing many brides who want to add an element of family tradition into the wedding. Family heritage is playing an important part in the wedding.  Brides are wanting to add a special piece of Grandmothers jewelry to the bouquet.  I’ve even had some brides ask about using flowers from their Grandparents or Mother’s garden and they are even bringing me antique photo’s of  wedding bouquets and asking me to recreate the look with a fresh twist.  I’ve even see the guest book table lined with historical family photos in old fashioned frames. something different, but a cool way to included loved ones who are either gone or can’t attend.  I think we are at a time in our history where we are trying to get back to our roots, but we are trying to transform history into a fresh,  new, and revitalized look. It will be exciting to see what kinds of ideas brides dream up!

The second trend is called “Simplified”

I’ve certainly been seeing a trends towards simplifying  in weddings.  Everyone is on a budget, and they are willing to make do without some things, just to simplify the process.  They are looking for floral decor that they can reuse elsewhere after the ceremony.  Ceremony pieces are being used and then reused on the buffet table, or gift table, etc.  I’ve seen the wedding party bouquets doubling as head table arrangements.  Things like arches have not been as popular because they are expensive and difficult to reuse elsewhere in the event.  Recyling  & reusing are a huge trend right now.

“Treasured” is the third trend:

I’ve done more barn weddings recently! With old Mason jars as vases, lots of branches, curly willow, old weathered chairs with peeling paint, but all with a fresh new twist.   The look is being classed up with lighting, linens and nice place settings. Very sophisticated and elegant, yet natural and rustic at the same time.

When I did a photo shoot for Seattle Metropolitan Bride & Groom magazine I worked with  Stacy at and one of the things that surprised me the most when we did the shoot this summer was the criteria we were given by the editor.  It did not really fit my sense of design style at the time.  We did an autumn harvest table that was very simple but elegant which  combined classic styled place settings by Vera Wang, with heavy woven tapestry table linens, old antiques,  and a simple  natural element of  fruits & vegetables.  In just a few short months I’ve seen the trends go this direction.  Just goes to shows you how far out the magazine editors have to be working.  Wow!   Brides are bringing all kinds of treasures to our consultation meetings, and I love it! Withall the budget constraints, it is really an inspiring and challenging time to be a designer.

The last trend is ” Refreshed”

This trend is really showing itself in floral design in general.  Bright, energized colors, with a touch of vintage but with a new refreshed look.  Gingham and raffia and polka dots are all old fashioned, but they are being used in new and refreshing ways. I think we are living in a challenging time of history and we need simple things that makes us feel positive and optimistic and color is one of those things!  Cheery is definitely a hot trend right now!

So while we may be having budget issues,  job worries and economic chaos, and it’s a definite challenge to planning an affordable wedding, I think the trends are in our favor! Here are some of the elegant venues brides in the NW have been looking at that are lovely, historical and right on trend as places to experience our  “Roots”, ” Simplify” the ceremony, “Treasure”the memories and take a “Refreshing” new look at the future.

There are so many wonderful venues, that I couldn’t possibly link to them all, but here is a link to venues in Washington State that may help you in your search for the perfect place to hold your wedding next year.